Account opening application form (BD)

This form is an application form for account opening and copy trade via our Bangladesh agency company.

If you are opening a new account and copy trade, enter the necessary information below and send it.

Input information for opening an account

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Account verification of instaforex >>

Please see the explanation of the necessary documents for account verification.
Instant Trading Ltd.
Public Offer Agreement*

Public offer agreement of instaforex >>

In order to open an InstaForex company trading account, it is necessary to accept the Agreement that determines the order of conversion, arbitrage, and operation procedures. The Agreement requires no signing and has the exact same legal power as the regular signed contract.

After entering, if you agree to the following, press the “CONFIRM” button.
Then press the “SUBMIT” button to send it.

I apply for this application after understanding that there are the following risks.
・ The principal is not guaranteed
・ Forex fluctuation risk
・ Leverage effect risk
・ Liquidity risk
・ Interest rate fluctuation risk
・ Loscut risk
・ Electronic trading system risk
・ Risk of changing related laws

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